I'll be updating this page with my latest promo mixes. My mixes tend to range from House, Trance and Techno. If you would like a copy on CD, please feel free to email me and if you do have a listen, don't forget to leave a few comments in the guestbook. All my previous mixes can be found in the Archive section, at the bottom of the page. Hope you enjoy!!
    Trance Classics Mix Part 11
    23rd March 2017
    01. Chicane - Offshore (Hawks Thinking Of Summer Remix)
    02. Funabashi - Daylight (Original Mix)
    03. JPL - Your Whole Life (Algarve Remix)
    04. Emphased Reality ft. OPN - Other Worlds (Original Mix)
    05. Jose Zamora vs Damian DP - Transatlantic (Andy Moor Remix)
    06. Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez - Precious (Original Mix)
    07. Benz & MD - The Sundowner (Original Mix)
    08. Santiago Nino - Motion (Original Mix)
    09. Basic Perspective - Small Step On The Other Side (Elevation Remix)
    10. Jose Amnesia vs Fedo - I Need You (Dub Mix)
    11. Niklas Harding & Tyu - Butterfly Effect (Lucas & Beltram Remix)
    12. John O'Callagan ft. Audrey Callagher - Big Sky (Original Mix)
    13. DJ Fire - The Closest Thing To Heaven (Trance Mix)

    February Techno Mix
    3rd February 2017
    01. Landmark - Fire Moment (Original Mix)
    02. Aitor Ronda - Tornado (Original Mix)
    03. Cosmic Boys - Bulgarian Trip (Original Mix)
    04. Coyu & Ramiro - Dance, Kiss, Touch (Original Mix)
    05. Julian Jeweil - Traffic (Original Mix)
    06. Christian Smith - Initiate Sequence (Julian Jeweil Remix)
    07. Sam Paganini - Desire (Original Mix)
    08. Skober & Ant Brooks - Give Up (Original Mix)
    09. D-Deck - Can Live (Original Mix)
    10. Frank Biazzi - Lost (Original Mix)
    11. HP Source & Andre Lesa - Good Idea (Rydd Remix)
    12. Claudia Cazacu - Infinity (Tom Hades Remix)
    13. Destroyer - Vintage Mode (Original Mix)
    14. Ader & Gabros - Butterfly Effect (Darmec Remix)
    15. Gary Burrows - You & Me (Original Mix)
    16. Jay Lumen - Warehouse Trip (Original Mix)
    17. Marck D & Buitrago - No One Else (Skober Remix)
    18. K Sandra - Take It (David Temessi Remix)
    19. Jewel kid - Another Reason (Original Mix)
    20. Joe Kendut - Throbbing (Dario Sorano Remix)
    21. Jared Pastore - Ear Shattering Whispers (Original Mix)
    22. Marsi - I'm Extreme (Original Mix)

    To check out my DI.FM Vocal Trance series please click the following link - >>>HERE<<<

    To check out my DI.FM Trance series please click the following link >>>HERE<<<

    To check out my Trance Classics series please click the following link - >>>HERE<<<

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